Velclean hand wash

Velclean hand wash liquid is one of the very good liquid soap which has an appealing smell and works effectively in keeping away the germs

Needs for hand wash

Bacteria and viruses can be transmitted from hand contact exposures to bacteria and viral infections may trigger asthma symptoms in some individuals. Thorough hand washing with soap is necessary to remove a significant amount of bacteria and viruses. 

Transmission of respiratory infections can be limited between by washing hands after handling or cleaning bodily fluid and contaminated materials 
Petting farms, they will come in contact with bacteria, viruses, and molds. These should be removed from hands, to avoid hand to mouth exposure


Velclean disinfectant floor cleaner

To Clean
:: Use full strength or dilute ΒΌ cup (2 Oz.) per gallon of warm water.
:: Apply to surface until thoroughly wet.
:: Wipe with a clean cloth, sponge or mop

To Clean Soap Scum and Greasy soil
:: Use full strength and rinse

To Sanitize / Disinfect
:: Pre-clean surface.
:: Dilute 1 oz with 15 oz. of warm water.
:: Apply to surface with cloth, sponge, mop, or trigger spray until thoroughly wet.

To Sanitize
:: Leave for 60 seconds before wiping.

To Disinfect
:: Leave for 10 minutes before wiping.
:: Rinse all food contact surfaces with water after use.

:: Floors,Appliance exteriors,Washable walls,Countertops,Toilet bowl exteriors,Bathtubs,Showers


Velclean hospital disinfectant

To Disinfect
Remove heavy soil first, then add 1 1/4 oz (2 1/2 tbsp) to one gallon of water and apply with a sponge or mop, wetting all surfaces thoroughly.
Let stand for 10 minutes, then wipe away excess.
Prepare a fresh bucket of solution every time you clean or more often if necessary.

To Clean and Disinfect the Toilet Bowl
Flush first. Add 1oz. (2 tbsp) to bowl water, brush all surfaces including under the rim. Let soak for 10 minutes. Flush

To Reduce Malodors in the Washing Machine
After filling the washer with water, add 8 oz of full strength to each washload.


Velclean dish wash

:: This lotion dishwashing detergent is specifically designed for industrial, institutional, and
restaurant use.
:: Ideal for cleaning heavily encrusted pots & pans
:: This product contains only the finest non-ionic surfactants. 
:: It acts better in toughest grease present in the vessel.
:: It is not so harsh while using

Advantage of velclean dish wash
:: Degreasing – Removes toughest grease 
:: Deodorizes – Removes residual food odour 
:: Disinfects – kills 99.99% germs 
:: It cleans dishes beyond the visibly clean dishes, which is not just looking clean but also smelling clean along with anti bacterial properties which kill 99.99% germs.

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